Fine Arts/Jewelry Insurance

Homeowner’s insurance provides limited coverage for valuable items such as jewelry and fine art. Scheduling valuable items guarantees coverage for their full worth. To schedule property, an insured must provide an appraisal for the items and add them to the policy individually for an additional premium. Non-scheduled property consists of everything automatically covered without an appraisal.

Coverage for jewelry, paintings, pictures, etchings, tapestries, art glass windows, antique furniture, coin collections, and stamp collections owned by individuals and businesses. These works are not covered if owned by dealers or auction firms. Protection is on an all risks basis subject to exclusions of damage from ordinary breakage, wear and tear, war, and nuclear disaster. Each item must be specifically listed and valued in the policy.

Homeowners should consider scheduling the following classes of property to insure them fully: jewelry, furs, cameras, musical instruments, silverware, fine arts, manuscripts and books, golfing and sporting equipment, coin collections etc.