Experienced Lenders For Bad Credit Auto Loans

We are experienced in dealing with consumers with credit problems. As part of our business, we have helped many of our customers raise their credit scores and re-establish their credit by financing their vehicle with a bad credit auto loan. Along the way, we try to educate these applicants on the bad credit car loan process.

We’ve learned along the way that the key to a successful bad credit car loan is focusing on the basics. In order to rebuild your credit, you, as a bad credit car loan customer need to understand how the subprime loan process works, which includes an understanding of the different types of lenders that are active in the subprime auto loan market.

Improve Your Credit Score

Many people with bad credit get an auto loan from "buy here pay here" used car dealers because they assume that is their only option. When you make the choice to finance your next car with Independent Finance Associates, your payments will be reported to the three major credit reporting agencies, Trans Union, Experian, and Equifax. By reporting your payments to the credit reporting agencies, a bad credit auto loan with Independent Finance Associates will help improve your overall credit rating.

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